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Your Baptist Heritage (1620-1804)

Your Baptist Heritage (1620-1804)

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By Isaac Backus

Isaac Backus was one of the great Baptist leaders during the early days of the Revolutionary War. This book is one of the few books written from a personal, eye-witness account of events leading up to American independence from England and the securing of religious liberty for all people. This book, originally published in 1844, is probably the only detailed history covering these early years of Baptist Church History in America.

1. Emigration to America
2. Church and State Union
3. Laws Against the Baptists
4. Baptists are Persecuted
5. John Clarke and Roger Williams in Rhode Island
6. Baptist Churches Among the Indians
7. More Persecutions of Baptists
8. Baptists Grow Despite Imprisonments
9. George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards
10. Baptist Churches Organized Everywhere
11. Baptists Unite in War for Independence
12. A New Constitution is Formed
13. Cruelty Shown to the Baptists
14. Baptists Grow in All the States

Spiral Bound; 248 pages
Copyright 2001

Also Available on Kindle: Your Baptist Heritage


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