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About Book Heaven - Challenge Press

Book Heaven and Challenge Press are vital ministries of Lehigh Valley Baptist Church in Emmaus, PA. In the early '80s, Book Heaven was begun to provide resources for our members. From a small table in the back of the old auditorium, to a full-fledged retail store, Book Heaven has grown to provide books, music, Bibles, and Bible Study tools to pastors, laymen, and missionaries around the world who do not otherwise have access to these resources. 

Challenge Press was acquired in 1998 and publishes, reprints, and distributes over 150 titles of distinctively Baptist publications worldwide. In 2008, Challenge Press and Book Heaven merged into one publishing and retail ministry.

Book Heaven-Challenge Press is committed to bringing the best conservative, Christian, KJV materials that we can. However, the fact that any item is for sale on this website does not mean it is a blanket endorsement of the entire contents, other works by the same author, or other materials by the same publisher. Though we sell only KJV Bibles, some of the books we carry will quote from other versions. We do not endorse that practice, or those versions.

Enjoy our site or come visit our store in person at Lehigh Valley Baptist Church in Emmaus, PA. 

If you would like to visit our store during the week, we do ask that you call ahead of time (610-965-4700) to make sure someone is available to assist you when you arrive.