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What the Bible Says About Child Training (2nd Edition)

What the Bible Says About Child Training (2nd Edition)

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by J. Richard Fugate

Approach child training with fresh inspiration, renewed confidence, and God's blessing.

A sorely needed and thoroughly Biblical study on child training in a day when many parents are being influenced by humanistic principles of child training promoted by the world.

The author has painstakingly researched the meaning of key terms related to child training. He emphasizes God's standard, the Bible, and urges parents to embrace their God-given responsibility and authority to control and teach their children.

What the Bible Says about Child Training provides Biblical answers to your questions:

  • How to be successful parents and thereby receive God's promised blessings.
  • How to set standards and train up your child in the way he should go.
  • How to teach your child in each stage of his development.
  • How to understand and control your child's negative behavior traits.
  • How to express true love to your child.
  • How to identify and conquer your child's rebellion.
  • How to punish your child justly and in love.
  • How to produce a well-adjusted, confident, morally upright young adult who is prepared for a successful life.


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