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Way of Life Encyclopedia of the Bible and Christianity - 5th Ed.

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Edited by David Cloud

The 5th Edition

It has over 5,500 entries, and over 6,000 cross references. The new edition contains almost 1,000 new words and updated entries. Twenty-five years of research have gone into this one-of-a-kind reference tool. It is the only Bible dictionary/encyclopedia that is written by a Fundamental Baptist and based strictly upon the King James Bible. It is a complete dictionary of biblical terminology and also features any other areas of research not often covered in Bible reference volumes. Subjects include Bible versions, Denominations, Cults, Christian Movements, Old Testament Typology, the Church, Social Issues and Practical Christian Living, Bible Prophecy, and Old English Terminology.

The Christian will be helped and fortified in his faith through this Bible Encyclopedia. It does not correct the Authorized Version of the Bible, nor does it undermine the fundamental Baptist’s doctrines and practices as many study tools do. For example, look up "baptism" or "church" or "prophecy" in almost any other Bible dictionary, including Smith, Easton, or Davis, and you will find almost no help in learning the biblical definition of these terms. Instead you are given a smorgasbord of views, most of which are unscriptural. Not so with the Way of Life Bible Encyclopedia. Extensive and practical Bible studies are given on every topic.

Further, the Way of Life Bible Encyclopedia contains the definitions of hundreds of words which do not appear in the common Bible dictionaries, words such as Alcoholic Beverages, Annihilation, Apocrypha, Capital Punishment, Child Training, Cremation, Dancing, Divorce, Employment, Evangelicalism, Foot Washing, Fundamentalism, God’s Guidance, Mass, Modesty, Ordination, Pacifism, Parish, Polygamy, Pope, Purgatory, Rapture, Seventy Weeks, Sodomy, Soul Sleep, Wine. The Way of Life Bible Encyclopedia is much more practical than most Bible dictionaries.

The key word and topical studies are given in outline form and are designed to be used by teachers and preachers and parents. It defines not only words and topics and doctrines, but many of the unique phrases which appear in the Authorized Version. These include Abomination of Desolation, Abusers of Themselves with Mankind, Blood Guiltiness, Cunning Craftiness, Foolish Talking, Itching Ears, Puffed Up, Superfluity of Naughtiness, Taken with the Manner, etc. The Bible Encyclopedia also contains the definitions of an exhaustive list of antiquated words and phrases from the KJV.

Hardback; 560 pages


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