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The Seven Steps Of Bible Study  -  Using The Bible Study Steps Tool - Book Heaven - Challenge Press from CHALLENGE PRESS

The Seven Steps Of Bible Study - Using The Bible Study Steps Tool

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by Pastor Douglas Hammett

"In doing a survey of our church members, we found that the majority of them are involved in reading their Bible every day. But when it comes to Bible study, we found that less people are involved, and those who actually study their Bible don't do so on a regular basis. In addition to reading the Word of God, you need to study the Word of God. Studying will encourage memorization of the Word and meditation - thinking upon what you are learning."

"Basically, there are two problems that keep most people from studying the Bible. The first problem is that most people do not know how to study the Bible. The second problem - probably the biggest problem - is the problem of finding the time to study."

The book goes through the seven Bible study steps, in detail, and gives you a tool that can help you in your personal Bible study. The material is also condensed onto a bookmark (included with the book) that is self-explanatory and that you can keep in your Bible as a handy reference when you are studying.

Also available in Spanish


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