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The Legend of Stickyfoot (CD) - Book Heaven - Challenge Press from MAJESTY MUSIC, INC.

The Legend of Stickyfoot (CD)

$ 13.00

Patch the Pirate Adventure

Sugar Maple State Park has an unwelcome visitor who is frightening away all the campers, so Patch and his crew head to New England to lend a hand. Ranger Redbud and her son Woody need help to rid the park of the legendary Stickyfoot monster who has been scaring and sliming the park visitors and leaving a sticky trail of mischief. Find out just who Stickyfoot is and how Patch helps him turn to Christ to resolve the bitterness in his heart.

Includes 13 new songs:
Great Big Beautiful World - The Law of the Tumbleweed - That's Not Yours - Holy Is the Lord - Maple Syrup - Wa!Wa!Wa! Call the Wambulance - A Brand New Start - A Godly Friend - Tell the T-R-U-T-H - Bitter to Better - The Bible Is My GPS - Mom and Dad, I Honor You - You'll Know That We Are Pirates 'Cause We Arrr!


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