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The Case for Independent Baptist Churches

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By M.L. Moser, Jr.

Who are independent Baptists? What is an independent Baptist church? When did they begin? What is the difference between independent Baptist churches and other Baptist churches? These are all valid questions that deserve an answer. That is the purpose of this book.

Christ's Church
Why The Name "Baptist"?
What Is An Independent Baptist Church?
Are Baptist Churches Really Independent?
Baptist Independency, A Divine Right
Baptist Independency, What We Mean By It
Brain-Washed Baptists
Conventionism And Associationism Analyzed
Conventionism Or Independency?
Baptist Bible Fellowship Preaches One Thing and Practices Another
Let's Pull the Trigger
Independent Baptist Foreign Missions
Every Bible-Believing Baptist Should Belong to An Independent Baptist Church

Paperback; 97 pages

ISBN 9780866450126

Also available on Kindle - The Case for Independent Baptist Churches


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