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The Bride of Christ

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by Mark Fenison

How many times have you heard that Baptists think they are the only ones going to heaven or they believe you must be a Baptist to be saved? Nothing could be further from the truth! The reason Baptists are charged with believing this is because other denominations confuse the church with salvation. Hence, when Baptists identify themselves as the only true church of Christ, the conclusion is wrongly drawn that one must be a member of a Baptist Church in order to be saved. Baptists, however, believe that the church has nothing to do with positional salvation in Christ. They also believe that God has left those who are saved here on earth to serve Him. In this book, Mr. Fenison presents the belief that just as there is but one way of salvation, there is but one way of service by one kind of church, and this church is the Bride of Christ.

Table of Contents:
The Bride of Christ
The Defense of a New Testament Church Bride
Where to Look for the Bride of Christ is Secular History

Paperback; 167 pages

ISBN 9780866452267

Also Available on Kindle - The Bride of Christ


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