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The ABC's Of Christian Maturity (Volume 2) - Book Heaven - Challenge Press from BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH PUBL

The ABC's Of Christian Maturity (Volume 2)

$ 18.50

by: Robert J. Sargent

This Bible-study manual follows the format of the popular ""The ABC's of Christian Growth,"" and presents in-depth studies on a wide range of thought-provoking, sometimes controversial, subjects.

It is designed to challenge Baptists to get into the Word of God.

Suitable for adults and older teens - a great resource for busy pastors. Two volume set.

N - Numerology
O - Offenses & Forgiveness
P - Precepts, Principles, Preferences
Q - Qualifications of Officers
R - Repentance
S - Sin, Suffering, & Sickness
T - The Tabernacle
U - Unseen World
V - Preacher's Vocation
W - Role of Women in Churches
X - eXcuses
Y - Youth
Z - Zeal.

204 pages; 8.5" x 11" spiral bound


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