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Ribbing Him Rightly - The Ministry of the Christian Wife

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By Beneth Peters Jones

Have you ever wondered why a rib was God's choice for His creation of woman? The material of the rib reflects the function He intended.

Beneth Peters Jones uses simple facts about ribs--their composition, importance, and function--to form the groundwork for this book. This glimpse into the quiet but important existence of the physical rib helps direct clear thinking about the roles of a Christian wife.

"The Creator's heart was involved in His choice, and we wives can receive both instruction and inspiration from that choice."

From the Author:

Why that for a title? First, obviously, the title alludes to woman's creation when God took a rib from man's side. Second, as far as we wives go, there are ribs, and then there are ribs. (To be perfectly honest, most of us must confess that even within ourselves as individuals we are not the same kind of rib from one day to the next.)

"Yes, but," you may ask, "why another book on marriage?" As a general rule, secular publications ignore the spiritual, downplay the practical, and exalt the physical and psychological. Christian books are, of course, more helpful; still, many of the authors (intentionally or otherwise) purport to be honey-and-peaches wives-and from that pinnacle of doubtful perfection they speak.

But what about those of us whose humanity grits the honey and bruises the peaches? It gets mighty rough down here in the trenches of marital reality. So often, it's not the big things that defeat us, but the seemingly insignificant, seldom-voiced, little things. Numberless wives have poured into my ears their stories of disappointment in themselves and their husbands, of frustration over the conflict between godly desire and unholy reactions, of confusion over the exact nature and boundaries of their responsibilities. It is to and for us the marital mortals, this book is undertaken.

Paperback; 145 pages
ISBN 1579244068


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