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Nothing Daunted - The Story of Isobel Kuhn

Nothing Daunted - The Story of Isobel Kuhn

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By Gloria Repp

Up and up they followed the trail…. At the top they halted to catch their breath, and Isobel gazed longingly across a sea of cloud-draped mountain peaks and shadowy canyons. Through one of those dark gorges flowed the Salweek River, and by its side lived the Lisu people. In 1922 Isobel Miller was a senior at the University of British Columbia--beautiful, talented, popular--and so miserable that she wanted to die. In her despair she began a search that was to last a lifetime: the search to know God. Her investigation led to the Bible and to Jesus Christ, and one day God gave her the desire to share what she had learned with the Lisu tribe in southwest China. Ten years passed before Isobel and her husband were finally sent to the Lisu's mountain wilderness. She grew to love the people dearly, and in her adventurous life she experienced the challenges of pioneer living, the perils of war, and the joys of proving the faithfulness of God.

Paperback; 167 pages
ISBN 978-0890847534


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