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Known Only To God ...Dealing with Miscarriage - Book Heaven - Challenge Press from SWORD OF THE LORD FOUNDATION

Known Only To God ...Dealing with Miscarriage

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By Martha Cummings Love

A booklet of comfort and counsel for dealing with miscarriage.

Miscarriage is the loss of a child as surely as if he or she had been introduced to the world. Though that special child was in reality known only to God, all parents who have experienced such loss universally share the same grief, unrealized expectations and crushed hopes. Having had two miscarriages, the author covers both the physical and emotional effects of this tragedy with a special empathy, spiritual understanding and gentle comfort. With sympathetic insight and strong, Scriptural support she tackles some of the haunting questions that often remain in the wake of miscarriage. The influence of this event on the whole family circle is also handled in a thorough fashion. Along with the solid, Scriptural advice, there is a clear presentation of the Gospel. In all, this booklet is valuable instruction and help in dealing openly with a very sensitive subject.

Paperback; 30 pages


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