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John's Baptism

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By John R. Graves

Part One
Chapter 1-2 Introductory
Chapter 3 Characteristics of Man
Chapter 4 John's Ministry did not belong to the Law, or Jewish Dispensation
Chapter 5 Exegesis of Acts
Chapter 6 John's Ministry not an Intermediate Dispensation
Chapter 7 Proposition: The Baptism of John Belongs to the Christian or Gospel Dispensation
Chapter 8 Proposition: The Baptism of John Belongs to the Christian Dispensation
Chapter 9 The Roman Catholic Church on trial by John's Baptism
Chapter 10 The Episcopal Church tried by John's Baptism
Chapter 11 The Campbellite Society tried by John's Baptism
Chapter 12 The Baptist Church tried by John's Baptism

Part Two
Chapter 1 Meaning of Baptizo
Chapter 2 Sacred Me
Chapter 3 Physical Objections to Immersion Considered
Chapter 4 The River Jordan
Chapter 5 Enon

Part Three
Chapter 1 Infant Baptism
Chapter 2 The O.T. Covenant
Chapter 3 Pedobaptists answer themselves
Chapter 4 The Greek Church
Chapter 5 The Roman Catholic Church
Chapter 6 The Lutheran Church
Chapter 7 The Presbyterian Church
Chapter 8 The Church of England and the Protestant Episcopal Church of America
Chapter 9 What do the scholars of the Independence, or Congregationalist, of England and America
Chapter 10 Unsectarian Works
Chapter 11 What the Commentators Say
Chapter 12 Reasons Why I should prefer immersion
Chapter 13 The Church of Christians not baptized in early centuries
Chapter 14 Why I am a Baptist


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