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Invasion of Wales by The Spirit Through Evan Roberts

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By James A. Stewart

As the title implies, Evan Roberts was not the author of the Welsh revival. The author was none other than the Holy Spirit of God Himself. Although Evan Roberts became the popular figure in the movement before the press and the public in November 1904, it is well to note that the Great Awakening in Wales had its beginning two years before this time in many parts of the country. When the river of God was at full spate in the latter part of the year 1904 it was found that the Spirit was using for His instruments at least a hundred pastors, evangelists, and so-called "lay-people" for His work. While the Spirit's workings in revival spread into almost every nook and corner of the country, the ministry of Evan Roberts was in the main confined to one of its twelve countries. One of the features of a true movement of the Holy Spirit in revival is that He does not depend on one human personality in His work. As much as I love and admire Evan Roberts as a man of God, and as much as I appreciate how greatly his ministry was blessed in the movement in Wales, I must state that the whole lesson of this book on revival will have been missed if it leads the reader to glorify man instead of God.


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