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In the School of God with Joseph

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by Pastor Douglas Hammett

Table of Contents:
The Classroom of Bitter Rejection
The Classroom of Alluring Temptation
The Classroom of False Accusation
The Classroom of Dashed Expectations
The Classroom of Divine Protection
The Classroom of Intentional Reconciliation

From the back cover:

Why did God give us the Old Testament? Scipture tell us it is for our instruction, learning, and for oue admonition. Bible characters lived lives that were filled with dilemmas and situations that are similar to our lives today. Though the details change, the underlying temptations and decisions are just like ours! These men and women become examples for us to learn from as we see what TO do and what NOT to do. We can see the msitakes that they made, and yet see the mercy of God as He gave them another chance. We can see the right choices they made and the way that God blessed them because of that. In essence, we can see the School of Learning that God puts them through and the lessons He teaches them.

One key character in the book of Genesus is Joseph. He not only learned many life lessons in the School of God but he overcame in each situation in astounding way. Now you, too, can benefit from these lessons! As you walk through each of these Classrooms and see what God has taught Joseph, you can avoid missteps and learn valuable Life Lessons as taught by a Master Overcomer.

Paperback; 124 pages

ISBN 978-0-88645-227-4


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