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Four Temperaments, Astrology, and Personality Testing

Four Temperaments, Astrology, and Personality Testing

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By Martin and Deidre Bobgan

Examines personality types and tests from a biblical, historical, and research basis and answers such questions as: Do the four temperaments give true insight into people? Are there any biblically or scientifically established temperament or personality types? Are personality inventories and tests valid ways of finding out about people? 214 pages.

Table of Contents:
1. Christians and the Four Temperaments
2. Occult Origins of the Four Temperaments
3. Astrology and the Four Temperaments
4. Temperament Teachers
5. Personality DiSCovery?
6. A Circus of Personality Types
7 Typology Problems
8. Psychological Testing
9. Personality Testing
10. Popular Personality Tests
11. Why All the Deception?
12. Christ in You: the Hope of Glory

ISBN 0941717070


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