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Developing A Biblical Worldview ( 4 DVD Set)

Developing A Biblical Worldview ( 4 DVD Set)

$ 25.00

by Dr. Patrick Briney
Dr. Briney is a veteran missionary to academic communities sponsored by the Mission Blvd. Baptist Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas and founder/director of the Leadership Training Institute of America. He formerly directed the Arkansas Youth Leaadership Summit Ministries and founded the Creation Science Society while a student at the University of Arkansas. He earned his Ph.D. in Microbiology, serves as a volunteer teacher at the Fayetteville Christian Schools, and conducts Creation Science seminars as well as discipleship and worldview warfare seminars. On the internet, he is known as the Online Bible Answerman and offers Bible answers to hundreds of questions in his on-line answer book.

In this 8 lecture, 4 DVD series, Dr. Briney answers questions such as:
Is there more than a physical world around us? How can we know that God really does exist?
How do you deal with evolution being taught in your classroom? What is worldview and why is it so important?


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