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Moody, D.L. - The Greatest Evangelist of the Nineteenth Century - Book Heaven - Challenge Press from Send The Light Distribution

D.L. Moody - The Greatest Evangelist of the Nineteenth Century

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By Faith Coxe Bailey


D. L. Moody's reaction was quick and to the point. "No! A thousand times no! I have no intentions of standing off here in New York City and approving something I know so little about. But I'll think it over, Emeline. Then one of these days, I'll come out to Chicago and we can talk some more about it."

Moody's initial reaction to that "something" was to change through God's leading. That "something" is now the world-renowned Moody Bible Institute, which trains hundreds of men and women each year to understand and use the Scriptures.

D. L. Moody dared to take up a challenge and see what God could do with a life totally committed to Him. Here is the story of the greatest American evangelist of the 1800's and the founder of the Moody Bible Institute.

Paperback; 160 pages
ISBN 0802400396


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