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Men of the Bible (Vol. 2) - The Twelve Apostles

Men of the Bible (Vol. 2) - The Twelve Apostles

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By Randy J. Starr


As believers in Christ, we often assume we know all about the twelve apostles (or disciples). We can immediately remember Peter, James, and John. We certainly know Judas Iscariot; that’s four. Added to those quickly are Matthew, Mark, and Luke in our minds (but Mark and Luke were not part of the twelve). Usually, we can eek out another one or two, but we have failed to identify carefully the other disciples and see lessons from each of them. In fact, five of the apostles had at least one and sometimes two other names (or nicknames) that most believers do not know.

This volume is a refresher course for every believer to know the twelve and details about their lives. Each chapter is a character sketch of one of the twelve. Use it in family devotion training or in a Bible study class, a Christian school class, a College Orientation class, or your personal Bible study. Get the word out so that believers will all know these vital truths about … The 12 Apostles.



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