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Coldheartica (CD) - Book Heaven - Challenge Press from MAJESTY MUSIC, INC.

Coldheartica (CD)

$ 13.00

Patch the Pirate Adventure

This Patch the Pirate adventure is not only cool, it's downright freezing! When Faren Heit enlists Captain Patch and the crew to rescue her brother Celsius before his graduation from Ice Cool, Klondike the penguin and Zero the polar bear are there to help. But will that be enough when Captain Patch and his crew face the evil Jack Frost and his fearsome henchman, the Bomb-N-Nibble No-man?

Songs include:
Sailing, Sailing
Just Let Me Serve You
Lean a, Lean a, Lean
Sardines and Saltines
Zip Your Lip
I Love to Go to Sunday School
The Bomb & Nibble No Man
Isn't He Wonderful
Follow the Map
Ask, Seek, Knock
Ice Cool Cheer
I Sing a New Song
Warm My Heart
Fire Up


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