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History of Baptists - A Concise History

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By G.H. Orchard

Taken from the New Testament, the first fathers, early writers, and historians of all ages; chronologically arranged; Exhibiting their churches with their order in various countries under different names from the establishment of Christianity to the present age, with correlative information, supporting the early and only practice of believers’ immersion. Also, observations and notes on the abuse of the ordinance, and the rise of minor and infant baptism.

Section 1: Primitive Baptists
Section 2: Primitive Baptists Continued
Section 3: Primitive Baptists Continued
Section 4: Primitive Baptists Continued
Section 1: Churches in Italy
Section 2: African Churches
Section 3: African Churches Continued
Section 4: Oriental Churches
Section 5: Oriental Churches Continued
Section 6: Churches in Italy Resumed
Section 7: Churches in Gaul
Section 8: Churches in France Continued
Section 9: Churches in France Continued
Section 10: Churches in Bohemia
Section 11: Churches in Piedmont
Section 12: German and Dutch Baptists

ISBN 0892110457


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