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Bible Revelations Of Jesus The Christ - The Real Jesus - Book Heaven - Challenge Press from CHALLENGE PRESS

Bible Revelations Of Jesus The Christ - The Real Jesus

$ 3.00

by James B. Carlin

"My friend James Carlin, loves Jesus Christ and desires that you too would love Him. He has shown a passion to introduce those that he meets to the Savior that has led him through life faithfully. In this book, he has compiled scriptures and helpful teachings on Jesus our matchless Savior just for you. In a wonderful way, James Carlin has woven truth of scripture together to capture your attention, feed your soul, and cause you to bow before the feet of the One who is Worthy. I recommend that you not read this small book too quickly, but let the words run into your heart like honey sinking into bread. You will find nourishment for your soul, medicine for your hurts, hope for your night, and direction for your journey in life and eternity."

34 page booklet

Also Available on Kindle: Bible Revelations of Jesus The Christ - The Real Jesus


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