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Polecat's Poison (CD) - Book Heaven - Challenge Press from MAJESTY MUSIC, INC.

Polecat's Poison (CD)

$ 13.00

Patch the Pirate Adventure

They’re raisin’ such a stink down in Feudin’ Fussin’ Fork that they might disrupt the camp meetin’! Clovis and Rufus realize too late that Polecat Jack isn’t fit to be their hero.

15 selections, including: My Father's Old Guitar • The Things I Used To Do • Shoot The Gospel Gun • Polecat Jack • Something To Give • Stokin' Up The Fire • Possum Pot Pie • Sweet, Sweet Vidalia • Come One, Come All • Promised Land • Don't Seek For Revenge • Standing At The Crossroads • It's All My Fault • There's No Higher Calling • The Things I Used To Do (Reprise)


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