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The Church: Local or Universal? Visible or Invisible? - Book Heaven - Challenge Press from BAPTIST SUNDAY SCHOOL COMMITTEE

The Church: Local or Universal? Visible or Invisible?

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By I.K. Cross

Using the Bible as the authority for settling the question, Dr. Cross shows that the issue which distinguishes Baptists from Protestants is primarily the nature of the church. After showing that Jesus promised to build His own church, this book presents an examination of the Greek word "ecclesia," showing it to indicate a called-out assembly. There is a brief, interesting discussion of the origin and history of the universal church idea. This little book will be helpful to all who want to serve God as prescribed in His book.

What Did Jesus Say?
The Body
Did Jesus Literally Call Out His Assembly?
Universal Church Origin
History Universal Church
In Conclusion

31 pages

ISBN 0892110422


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