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The ABC's Of Christian Maturity Vol 1 & 2 (CD-ROM)

$ 150.00

by: Robert J. Sargent

This Bible-study manual follows the format of the popular ""The ABC's of Christian Growth,"" and presents in-depth studies on a wide range of thought-provoking, sometimes controversial, subjects.

It is designed to challenge Baptists to get into the Word of God. Suitable for adults and older teens -- a great resource for busy pastors.

A - Apostasy.
B - The Bride of Christ.
C - The Crucified Life.
D - Divorce.
E - Education.
F - Financial Freedom.
G - The Gifts of the Spirit.
H - Hell.
I - Israel.
J - Judging & Discerning.
K - The Kingdom of God.
L - Liberty, Legalism, & License.
M - The Mysteries of God.
N - Numerology;
O - Offenses & Forgiveness;
P - Precepts, Principles, Preferences;
Q - Qualifications of Officers;
R - Repentance;
S - Sin, Suffering, & Sickness;
T - The Tabernacle;
U - Unseen World;
V - Preacher's Vocation;
W - Role of Women in Churches;
X - Xcuses;
Y - Youth;
Z - Zeal.

Total pages 408

Both volumes of The ABC's of Christian Maturity on a CD-ROM in .pdf format.
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free program).

Comes with qualified permission to make unlimited copies for the purchaser's ministry use.


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