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Sunday School Singalong (CD) - Book Heaven - Challenge Press from MAJESTY MUSIC, INC.

Sunday School Singalong (CD)

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Patch Children's Song Collection

Remember the songs you sang in Sunday school? This collection of 45 traditional Sunday school songs and choruses, sung by the Patch choir, will teach and admonish your own little ones with timeless biblical truths.

Selections include: The Sunday School Song  • Let the Sunshine In  • Arky, Arky  • Rolled Away  • Heavenly Sunshine  • Wiggle Worm  • My God Is So Big  • Climb, Climb Up Sunshine Mountain  • The B-I-B-L-E  • Jesus Loves Me (Round)  • The Wise Man Built His House  • Gideon  • Wide, Wide as the Ocean  • This Little Light of Mine  • Hallelu, Hallelujah!  • O Be Careful  • Jesus Loves the Little Children  • Give Me Oil in My Lamp  • Jesus Loves Me  • Matthew, Mark, Luke and John  • Happy All the Time  • I've Got the Joy  • Zaccheus  •Who Did?  • Jonah  • Jesus Loves Even Me  • Behold, Behold  • Do, Lord  • Daniel  • I'm in the Lord's Army  • His Banner Over Me Is Love  • If You're Saved and You Know It  • Stop! And Let Me Tell You  • I'll Be a Sunbeam  • Little by Little  • One Door and Only One  • The Poochie Lip Disease  • Praise Him  • Jesus Loves the Little Ones  • Father Abraham  • Only a Boy Named David  • Good News  • Obedience  • Deep and Wide  • Thank You, Lord  



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