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On The Other Side Of The Garden

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By Virginia Fugate

On the Other Side of the Garden was first printed in 1992 after fifteen years of Bible study and prayer. It quickly became a women’s Bible study favorite and has encouraged thousands of women to look to God for their purpose in life. This newly revised second edition reveals how to understand God’s purpose for womanhood, distinguish submission from blind obedience; communicate Biblically with a husband; deal with a passive, overbearing, or unspiritual man; handle disappointments and irritations in marriage; and turn the frustrations of marriage into joy.

Its chapters reveal how to:

-Distinguish submission from blind obedience
-Correctly influence your husband
-Communicate your needs in a language men understand
-Deal with a passive, overbearing, or unspiritual man
-Truly love your children and your family
-Cope with disillusions, disappointments, and irritations

Paperback; 258 pages
ISBN 1889700401


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