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Hymnproviser- The Art of Improvising (Vol. 3) - Book Heaven - Challenge Press from MAJESTY MUSIC, INC.

Hymnproviser- The Art of Improvising (Vol. 3)

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Shelly Hamilton & Ruth Coleman

Psalm 33:3-4 "Sing unto him a new song; play skillfully with a loud noise. For the word of the Lord is right; and all his works are done in truth."

The purpose of the book:

To develop confidence in hymnplaying and improvising
To gain a head knowledge of music foundation
To develop a working knowledge of the hymnplaying style, including "fill-ins"
To develop ear training in relation to "playing by ear"
To acquire easier music memorization skill

Hymnproviser - The Art of Improvising Text/Workbook Vol. 3 contains:

Lesson 1: Playing Musically, Chord Review, Pitch Memory, Hearing Memory
Lesson 2: Chord Doubling (4-note chords), Voice Leading, Avoiding Parallels
Lesson 3: Basic Classification of Root Movement, Progression by 5ths, Chord Classification Chart, Elision and Retrogression
Lesson 4: The Tonic, First Classification, Second Classification, and more
Lesson 5: Placing Chords with Melody, Composing a Melody
Lesson 6: Chord Substitution
Lesson 7: Applying Chord Substitutions
Lesson 8: Mastering the Bass Line, Descending Bass Lines, and more
Lesson 9: Modulating - The Basics

Lessons Continue through Creating an Accompaniment


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