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Evangelicals and Rome

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By David Cloud

Nothing more plainly demonstrates the ongoing fulfillment of prophecies pertaining to end-time apostasy and the formation of a world-world harlot �church,� and this volume documents evangelicalism�s flirtation with Rome over the past half century.

The introduction documents the history and apostasy of evangelicalism since the 1940s. Part 1 answers the question �Is the Roman Catholic Church Changing?�

It includes a study from official Vatican II documents as well as from the New Catholic Catechism proving that the RCC has not changed its heretical position on such things as the mass, the papacy, Mary, purgatory, the priesthood, prayers to the dead, and the sacraments.

The author also shows that Vatican II and the New Catechism affirm the blasphemous declarations of the Council of Trent.
Part II covers �Billy Graham and Rome,� documenting Billy Graham's relationship with the Roman Catholic Church from 1950 to present.
Part III covers �Other Influential Evangelical Leaders and Organizations and Rome,� covering dozens of popular evangelical leaders and organizations, including Bill Bright and Campus Crusade, and many more.
Part IV deals with �The Southern Baptist Convention and Rome.�
Part V deals with �The Charismatics and Rome.� Dozens of influential Charismatic leaders and organizations are documented, including 100 Huntley Street, 700 Club, etc.
Part VI deals with �Promise Keepers and Rome�
Part VII with �Contemporary Christian Music and Rome.��
Part VIII deals with the subject of �Evangelical Catholics� and looks at the phenomenon of so-called evangelical Catholicism and charismatic Catholics.
The book �Evangelical Catholics� by Keith Fournier (foreword by Chuck Colson) is reviewed and refuted from Scripture.
Part IX looks at the many ways �Rome Denies Salvation by Grace Alone.�
Part X deals with the agreement between �Lutherans and Catholics on the Doctrine of Salvation by Grace.�
Part XI looks at Evangelicals and Catholics Together II.
Part XII answers the question �Was Mother Teresa a True Christian?� Did she teach the people under her care the true Gospel? This study contains an interview with a nun who works with Mother Teresa�s Sisters of Charity. Read this amazing interview and learn what this Calcutta-trained nun does to prepare Hindus for death.
Part XIII examines the charge that we don�t understand the Catholic Church.

Paperback; 371 pages
ISBN 1583180583


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