Alien Baptism and the Baptists

Alien Baptism and the Baptists
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    By William Nevins

    This book traces the history of the Anabaptists from 200 A.D. down to the present. It shows how for 15 centuries the rivers of Europe ran with the blood of Anabaptists who died rather than accept the baptism of alien sects. It also shows the fallacy of the universal, invisible church, and of the claim of the Roman Catholics that Christ built His church on Peter. Get this book and read it - It will make you appreciate your Baptist forefathers!

    Table of Contents:
    The Pattern of the Tabernacle
    The Pattern of Baptism
    A Proper Administration
    The Administration in the Apostolic Church
    Alien Immersion and the Post-Apostolic Churches
    Post-Apostolic Heresies
    Rise of the Anabaptists
    The Paulicians
    Albigenses and Waldenses
    The Anabaptists
    Luther, Calvin, and Anabaptists
    The Anabaptists Following the Reformation
    Watchman, What of the Night?
    Hold Fast Till I Come
    Tennessee Baptist
    This Dangerous Innovation

    Paperback; 160 pages
    ISBN 0866450416