A History of the Baptists (Christian) Vol. 2

A History of the Baptists (Christian) Vol. 2
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    By John T. Christian

    "To our mind, either everything or nothing must be held in subjection to the will and providence of God. Even the wickedness of ungodly men is restricted by predestination, so that the wrath of man shall praise God, and the remainder of wrath He will restrain."
    - GILBERT BEEBE (1800-1881)

    The New Testament Churches
    The Ancient Churches
    The Struggle Against Corruption
    The Paulician and Bogomil Churches
    The Albigensian, the Petrobrusian, the Henrician, the Arnoldist, and the Berengarian Churches
    The Waldensian Churches
    The Origin of the Anabaptist Churches
    The Character of the Anabaptists
    The Reformers Bear Witness of the Baptist
    The Baptist in the Practice of Dipping
    Other Baptist Churches in the Practice of Dipping
    The Practice of Dipping in the Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania, and Transylvania Baptist Churches
    The Peasant Wars and the Kingdom of Munster
    The British Baptist Churches
    The Baptists in the Reformation Period in England
    The Episode of John Smyth
    Origin of the Particular Baptist Churches
    A Great Debate on Baptism
    The Rise and Progress of Baptist Institutions and Customs
    The Achievements of the English Baptists
    The Origin of the American Baptist Churches

    Harback; 878 papes total in both volumes

    ISBN 0892110759